Live Web Cams on Thacher and Straitsmouth Islands:

Thacher third floor camera:

Thacher boat ramp camera:

Thacher South Tower camera:

Thacher back of boathouse camera:

Straitsmouth Oil House Camera:

Straitsmouth Lighthouse(Seal Cam) Camera:


Live Weather Station on Thacher:


Other Interesting Lighthouse Pages:

Cape Ann Museum site of the First Order Fresnel lens once installed in the south tower on Thacher island.

Keepers John & Darlene Fulton’s daily photo log of their work on Thacher since 2003 to last year.

Lighthouse Photos and great information by Jeremy D'Entremont.

National Historical Landmark-Lighthouses-Complete text of Thacher Island NHL nomination.

The United States Lighthouse Society

Lighthouse Digest, Wells, Maine

Drone Photography-


Links to Rockport and Cape Ann:

Sandy Bay Historical Society.


Schooner Adventure America's last fishing schooner and a National Historic

Town of Rockport

The Rockport Chamber of Commerce Website RockportUSA

The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Website

The Essex National Heritage Commission Page

Halibut Point State Park

U.S.Fish & Wild Life Service at Parker River Refuge

Cruises around Cape Ann:

Seal Tours in Rockport