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    Thacher Island Twin Lighthouse    Pewter Ornament.

Measures 2 3/4"high by 2 1/2"wide.

Comes with red ribbon for hanging and is packaged ina gift box.




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Island Launch visits begin June 18.

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Thacher Island Association Annual Meeting Tuesday June 21.

Annual Lighthouse Cruise around Cape Ann Wednesday

July 13.



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New Poetry Book!

A book of poetry written by Suellen Wedmore, who herself has been a lighthouse keeper on Thacher Island. She presents an emotional series of poems about women lighthouse keepers that reads like a novel.She uses the voices of five historical women keepers to tell their stories of strength and dedication in adverse conditions.

Latest Release!

New book by Paul St.Germain on the history of the Cape Ann Granite industry which operated from the 1850's to the 1930's.

128 pages of vintage photos that trace the quarries, the men, the tools, the stone sloops and where Cape Ann Granite has been used across the nation.

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